A woman speaks from a podium in front of researchers sitting at tables

The National Research Consortium on Mental Health in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities celebrated the completion of the inaugural three years at their annual meeting on Monday, October 17 in Baltimore, MD. Approximately 45 people attended in person at Kennedy Krieger Institute or via Zoom. 

Sponsored through a collaborative national partnership with oversight by the National Center for START Services, University of New Hampshire  Institute on Disability, the consortium seeks to promote strength based research to improve the mental health and wellbeing of individuals with IDD, their families and communities.

Dr. Joan Beasley, Research Professor, Director, National Research Consortium on MH-IDD, presented the founding members of the Consortium board with clocks to commemorate the occasion.

"I am most proud of the research and publications that resulted from our first three years and of the partnerships that continue to grow," Dr. Beasley said. 

Founding members are: 

  • Joan Beasley (NCSS)
  • Cheryl Karan (YAI)
  • Dan Tomasulo (Columbia)
  • Luke Kalb (Hopkins)
  • Tawara Goode (Georgetown)
  • John Dickerson (Quillo)
  • Hogg foundation (Angela Ott)
  • Susan Klick
  • Melanie Hecker
  • Yona Lunsky (CAMH / University of Toronto)
  • Andrea Caoili (NCSS)
  • Matthew Wappet (Utah State)
  • Pat Nobbie (Anthem)
  • Diane Jacobstein (Georgetown)

Dr. Andrew Jahoda, Professor of Learning Disabilities, University of Glasgow, gave the keynote presentation entitled "Improving Access to Psychological Therapies for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health Problems: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk."

A discussion on lived experience was led by Tawara Goode, Director, National Center for Cultural Competence, Georgetown University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. 

An expert panel was led by moderator Andrea Caoili, LCSW, Director of Operations, National Research Consortium. In addition to Dr. Beasley and Dr. Jahoda, other panelists included Dr. Luke Kalb, Chair START Research Committee and Assistant Professor at Kennedy Krieger, Dr. Yona Lunsky, and Mx. Micah Peace.