CA START (California Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources, & Treatment) is a proactive approach for people who are at-risk and those who provide them support. It creates a support network able to respond to crisis needs at the community level by providing community-based person-center supports that enable a person to remain in their home or community residence. You must be referred by the Regional Center to enroll in this service (contact information provided below).

Northern California

  • Redwood Coast Regional Center (YAI) - Referrals call 707-445-0893

Greater Sacramento

  • Alta Regional Center (Turning Point Community Programs) - Referrals call 916-978-6409

Bay Area

  • North Bay Regional Center (Turning Point Community Programs) - Referrals call 415-546-9222 or email
  • Golden Gate Regional Center (YAI) - Referrals call 212-273-6272
  • Regional Center of the East Bay (YAI) - Referrals call 341-201-9960
  • San Andreas Regional Center (YAI) - Referrals call 510-304-4274

San Joaquin Valley

  • Valley Mountain Regional Center (YAI) - Referrals call 669-467-1971
  • Central Valley Regional Center (YAI) - Referrals call 212-273-6272

Southern California

Map of California with multiple colors shading in counties with START programs