"Now We Have Hope" captures the unique practices and philosophies of the START model

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A still from the START documentary film which features Shelle, a woman with long wavy blond hair wearing a white shirt and green vest and Braxton, a man with short dark hair wearing a black shirt

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Disability organizations join advocates in calling for an end to the word “special” to describe people with disabilities. Learn More
A woman with shoulder length brown hair holds her hands up, palms facing, as she explains something to a group of people sitting at tables

START is an evidence-based, community crisis prevention and intervention service model for individuals with IDD.

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Training & Professional Development

Professional development trainings are evidence-informed and based on the foundation of START principles.

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Research & Evaluation

Information, resources, and evaluation for NCSS research projects.

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The National Center for START Services® aims to improve the lives of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health needs by developing innovative training, conducting research, and implementing the START model in communities across North America.