Suicide Screening for People with ASD-IDD/MH

Training for 988 National Suicide Lifeline Counselors

The National Center for START Services is pleased to announce that registration is open for this on-demand training. Upon registering you will immediately receive an email with all links and information necessary to complete the entire training at your own pace.

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Training Description:

This online, asynchronous (on-demand) training enables 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline screeners/counselors to provide improved support and assistance to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD) and mental health needs (hereafter referred to as ASD-IDD/MH) who contact the Lifeline seeking help.

At the conclusion of the training , participants will be able to:

  • Describe at least five (5) key factors related to the prevalence, signs & symptoms of suicidality amongst people with ASD-IDD
  • Utilize skills and approaches outlined within presentations to effectively engage with people with ASD-IDD who contact the 988 lifeline
  • Identify and describe suicide screening tools that can be utilized when engaging with people with ASD-IDD

The training was developed by the National Center for START Services with experts in suicide prevention for people with ASD-IDD/MH and includes up-to-date best practices. All training developed by the National Center for START Services is evidence-informed, strengths-based, trauma-informed, and culturally competent.

Structure: Virtual, on-demand; (3) video training modules

Cost: $49.00 per participant

Languages: English, Español

Module Topics & Run Time:

  1. Suicide Prevalence, Risk Factors & Vulnerabilities (9 minutes)
  2. Assessment of Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior (14 minutes)
  3. Suicide Screening Tools (16 minutes)

Continuing Education: After completing a brief (2-minute) evaluation you will be automatically re-directed to a 5-question multiple choice quiz. Upon answering 100% of the questions correctly a Certificate of Completion will be displayed. Each module’s Certificate of Completion includes 0.5 contact hours/.05 UNH CEUs. If you do not answer all questions correctly you will be given the opportunity to re-take the quiz.

For more information, please contact the NCSS Training Department.