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News & Views is the weekly email newsletter written and edited by the National Center for START ServicesTM. The emails includes short editorials from our clinical leadership team, upcoming trainings, research updates and other resources relevant to supporting people with IDD and mental health needs.

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Clinical Director Jill Hinton, PhD, and Chief Medical Advisor Jennifer McLaren, MD presented at the Annual Meeting of the American and Canadian Academ... Learn More
Pam Flaherty, a leader of educational programs that include students with disabilities, has been named executive director of the National Center for S... Learn More
The National Research Consortium on Mental Health in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities celebrated the completion of the inaugural three year... Learn More
In an effort to build linkages and enhance capacity, the National Center for START Services has recently released a training for 988 Suicide & Crisis ... Learn More
NCSS is pleased to announce that Clinical Director Jill Hinton, PhD, and Chief Medical Advisor Jennifer McLaren, MD, have been accepted to speak at th... Learn More
As We See It is a series following three 25-year old autistic roommates, Jack, Violet and Harrison, and their shared life coach Mandy. Learn More
This month, April, is Autism Acceptance Month. Autism Acceptance Month’s goal is not only to recognize the struggles autistic people go through in our... Learn More
People with developmental and intellectual disabilities can face many unique challenges in the workplace. Difficulties with understanding directions, ... Learn More
The 2021 National Research Consortium in IDD-MH third Annual Conference occurred on October 14, 2021. The consortium is a first-of-its-kind initiative... Learn More
In our last article, we described how it is damaging for Direct Service Providers (DSPs) to view their role as one of discipline and authority. As an ... Learn More

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