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Certified START Program


NH START is a Certified START Program

Contact Information

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Referral Information: In New Hampshire, referrals are often made by case managers at the Area Agencies, and also from individuals, their families, service providers, hospitals, psychiatric centers and other network partners.

Valarie Tetreault, M.A.P.P.,  START Program Director

Barb Drotos, LICSW,  START Clinical Director

Michael Blau, START Resource Center Director
603-975-0124, 603-975-0022


NH START operates throughout the state of New Hampshire and has actively served individuals age 6 and older since May 2010.  NH START offers crisis prevention and intervention support to individuals who experience both an intellectual/developmental disability or traumatic brain injury and a co-occurring mental health or behavioral health challenges, as well as to their families and those who provide supports. NH START offers on-call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all START eligible individuals and their providers.

The NH START Team embraces positive psychology, strength spotting and the promotion of PERMA-V as an avenue to wellness. NH START has made a commitment to view individuals, teams, our program and the system in which we operate using a holistic approach, focusing on improving overall health and well-being, which by definition helps reduce medical and psychological crises. Understanding the critical role of mental and emotional well-being, PERMA-V is foundational to our START program and we believe to be best practice.

The goal of the NH START program is to build relationships and supports across service systems to help people remain in their homes and communities and enhance the ability of the community to support them.  

NH START Teams provide the following services:

  • Community partnerships and systems linkages
  • Systemic and clinical consultation and training
  • Community training and educational opportunities
  • Award-winning Clinical Education Team training opportunities
  • Cross Systems Crisis Prevention and Intervention Planning
  • On-call crisis support 24/7 by a certified START coordinator (603) 931-2123
  • Psychiatric and Interdisciplinary consultation and evaluation in connection with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Virtual Therapeutic Groups
  • START Therapeutic Resource Center for planned and emergency support

Annual Program Evaluations

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FY20 NH START Annual Program Evaluation
FY19 NH START Annual Program Evaluation
2018 NH START Program Evaluation