The information on this page is intended to illustrate our belief and interest in building system capacity through ongoing learning and the implementation of innovative best practices as well as to share our appreciation for professionals and organizations nationwide that have contributed to the improved understanding of supports provided to individuals with IDD and mental health needs.

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For People with IDD

About My Health - Fill this out so you can share important information about yourself with new doctors. You can bring this to your next doctor's visit.

My Health Care Visit - This form can be filled out during a visit to the doctor to help you understand what you and your doctor discussed and what you need to remember.

Going to the Doctor - A video that helps explain what happens at a doctor's visit and why it is important to get a health check each year. There are other videos like this that you can view from this playlist: Videos for people with disabilities.

For Family Caregivers

Family Matters Toolkit This toolkit is for caregivers who are interested in improving the health and health care of a family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). These tools can be used together, or as stand-alone materials, depending on your needs, goals and existing resources. This toolkit was developed by an organization called H-CARDD in Canada; learn more about H-CARDD.

Activities & Resources for Families and Caregivers

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