2016 START National Training Institute

A banner for the 2016 START National Training Institute March 14-16 in Atlanta Georgia featuring the theme of the event: It takes a village- the value of community networks

The Center for START Services staff would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the START network members, presenters, and volunteers who participated in the inaugural START National Training Institute (SNTI) March 14 - 16, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much for being a part of our first annual Institute! 

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The first annual START National Training Institute (“SNTI”), It Takes a Village: The Value of Community Networks, was held at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, GA from March 14-16, 2016.  

Opening the SNTI were our keynote mother/daughter speakers Melanie and Phyllis Hecker, who spoke on “ASD and Bi-Polar Disorder: A Self-Advocate and Parent Perspective”.  Also presenting a keynote presentation were the Shut-Up Sisters, with their presentation entitled, “The Movement of Imperfection”, providing the parental perspective on the joys and challenges of raising children with differences in a world preoccupied with perfection. The SNTI closed with keynote speaker Dr. Karyn Harvey, who shared with the audience the power of positive regard.

In addition to the keynote speakers, attendees also had the opportunity to engage in two panel discussions. One, "Through the Looking Glass" with Drs. Lauren Charlot, Paula Ravin, Leslie Smith, and Jen McLaren focused on the psychopharmacologic treatment of individuals with IDD. The second panel was entitled, “STARTing with Outcomes” and featured Dr. Joan Beasley, Dr. Jill Hinton, Luke Kalb, and Dr. Karen Weigle. This panel highlighted key outcome measures, examples of outcome-driven START services and the impact on individuals and families, and focused on current research of the START model.

The SNTI offered several breakout sessions to choose from, grouped into four content strands:

  • Positive Psychology and Strength Based Practices
  • Community Networking and Linkages
  • Health and Wellness
  • Clinical Practices

Breakout session topics included:

  • Enhancing Group Therapy through Positive Psychology,
  • New Resources for Building Trauma-Informed Systems
  • Health Promotion Research and Practice for People with IDD
  • Epigenetics- How Our Environment Changes Our Genes and Why We Should Care
  • The New York Statewide START Initiative: A Pilot Update
  • Genetics Education Materials for School Success: School Can Be a Great Experience for Everyone
  • Assessing Movement Disorders in ID/DD Individuals: What is Atypical?
  • Expressive Therapies Utilized by START Programs
  • Communicate, Collaborate, and Cooperate: Working with First Responders
  • Diet, Nutrition, and Health Factors Impacting Persons with IDD
  • Understanding Pharmacology through Brain Imaging
  • Case Management and Service Coordination
  • Learning and Applying a Systems Approach in START Work: Live Supervision
  • Social Skills Training for People with ASD
  • Psychopharm and What Can Help When Nothing Else Works

2016 Research Posters

Building Capacity- Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Interdisciplinary Consultation Teams for Individuals Diagnosed with IDD

Robert Scholz – New Hampshire START

Creating Data Based Bio-Psycho-Social Resource Center Discharge Summaries

Laurie Charlot, Lisa Wolfe, Steve Tuzo, Latoya Ross & Sara Stanton – NC START East

Creating National Maps to Compare States on Important Mental Health Outcomes

B. Barger & A. Roach – Center for Leadership in Disability, School of Public Health, Georgia State University


Chalsea Carroll, Cassie Winters, Ashley Lutgen, LeAnn Rosado & Felicia Bates - Iowa

Cultural Considerations for the START Program

Erica Thomas, Kristal Garcia, Angelica Garcia, Yvette Marquez & Elyana Martinez – Texas START El Paso

Effects of Extended Stays on Therapeutic Value of Resource Centers

Katherine Howell, Jill Hinton & Jason Tuell – VA START Region 1

Implementing the START Model with In-Home Supports Serving Child and Adult Systems

Candace Baugh, Caitlin Sestokas, David Schlesselman & Maya Hu-Morabito – New York START Region 1

Increasing Utilization of a Resource Center

Mojgan Pourmand, Liv Salvador & Dallow Turay – VA START Region 2

Perceptions of Health Care Providers by Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities in Georgia

B. Barger, R. Wells & D. Crimmins – Center for Leadership in Disability, School of Public Health, Georgia State University

Profile of Emergency Department Visits/Admissions Pre-and Post START

Amy Cohen Anneling, et.al. – New York START Region 3

Resource Center – Therapeutic Group Activities for Individuals with IDD

Charmaine Scott, Barry Hamilton & Josh Cuddy – Texas START Travis Co.

The Factor Structure of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

B. Barger, A. Roach & E. Graybill – Center for Leadership in Disability, School of Public Health, Georgia State University

Using the Aberrant Behavior Checklist (ABC) to Measure Change for the Individual and their System of Care

Anne LaForce, Jillaine Baker, Ann Klein & Jill Hinton – NC START Central

Working with Children and Adolescents within the START Model: Three Examples

Karen Collins, Tyler Bond, Elly Fisher & Kathryn Procknal – New York START Region 1

Congratulations to the 2016 START Award Winners!

William I. Gardner Award

The William I. Gardner Award is the highest honor given by the Center for START Services. Each year, we recognize national leaders who have promoted social justice and significantly improved the lives of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health.

  • William I. Gardner Award - Dr. Robert J. Fletcher

START Award Winners

  • START Clinical Team Member Award - Karen Collins from NY START Region 1
  • START Senior Team Member Award - Dr. Roberto Blanco, Medical Director of NC Central START
  • START Resource Center Team Member Award - Steve Tuzo, Resource Center Director for NC START East
  • Case Management/Service Coordination Award - Tena Bennett from Arkansas
  • START Network Partner - Julie Lago from the Center for Life Management in NH
  • Special Recognition Awards
    • Anne Hurley, PhD, In appreciation and recognition for her commitment to the START model and philosophy as a founding member of National START
    • Vivian Leon, In appreciation and recognition for her commitment to the START model and philosophy as a founding member of North Carolina START