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Dr. Hinton first presented at the AACAP Conference in Seattle in 2018. That year, Dr. McLaren was serving on the IDD subcommittee and suggested to include the START model in their special program. “As a result of this experience where I shared information and learned a great deal from the extensive programs and sessions offered through AACAP, I also joined the IDD Subcommittee.  This has created many opportunities for learning and sharing over the last few years,” says Dr. Hinton. “I have presented at the conference as part of Clinical Perspectives panels each year. It is exciting to be able to be back in person this year in Toronto.  I look forward to presenting and to learning a great deal from the other presenters!”

On Wednesday October 19, Dr. Hinton’s presentation “Identifying Sexual Trauma in Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders” will include an overview of the biopsychosocial factors that increase risk for sexual abuse in people with IDD and discussion of signs & symptoms of possible abuse as well as strategies for engaging with children and caregivers. This presentation is part of the Clinical Perspectives track “Sexuality in Individuals With Intellectual Developmental Disorders: Development, Gender, and Vulnerability.”

On Thursday October 20, Drs. McLaren and Hinton will be presenting sessions within the Clinical Perspectives track “Successfully Navigating the Often Uncharted Seas of the System of Care for Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disorders: Strategies for Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.” Dr. McLaren, section chair, will present on the NCSS Integrated Mental Health Treatment Guidelines for Prescribers and Dr. Hinton will provide an overview of START crisis prevention and intervention services as an evidence-based model of support for people with IDD.

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