The second annual meeting of the National Research Consortium on Mental Health in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities was held virtually on October 21st and was attended by board members and research partners from across the country and internationally. Tawara Goode, MA, presented the keynote titled, “Race, Ethnicity, Class and Culture in IDD/MH Research: What is getting in our way?” Ms. Goode is the Director of the National Center for Cultural Competence at Georgetown University and the Director of Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development/UCEDD. 

Her presentation highlighted gaps in culturally competent research in IDD/MH and closed with four profound statements:

  • There is a need for standardized methods to collect racial, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural data for persons with IDD/MH and their families.
  • There is a need for research that documents racial, ethnic, and cultural variations in response to treatment and interventions.
  • There is a need for studies that validate the efficacy of culturally and linguistically competent, community engaged, comparative effectiveness research.
  • When discussing evidence-based practice, we must all ask the question, “Evidence-based for whom?”

These statements and other recommendations gathered during group discussions will set the stage for the National Research Consortium’s 2021 planning.
The meeting also included updates from the 2020 National Research Consortium Innovation Funding Award recipients. They each presented an overview of their research and initial findings/outcomes. Recorded presentations can be found by clicking on the project titles below:

Two other projects that are directly relevant to the National Research Consortium were also presented: