Utah MHIDD Training Project

Grant Cycle     10/1/2021-9/30/2026

In partnership with the National Center for START Services, and the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competency, the Utah UCEDD (USU Institute for Disability Research, Policy, & Practice) will develop and implement a coordinated, culturally responsive, trauma-informed cross-systems training plan to increase the capacity of direct support professionals (DSPs) and case managers/support coordinators to meet the needs of IDD/MHI individuals in Utah. This goal will be achieved through the following objectives:

  1. Convene a multidisciplinary project advisory board that includes self-advocates, family members, state department personnel, advocacy organizations, and service providers;
  2. Conduct a “landscape analysis” to evaluate capacity and needs within current systems of care for people with IDD/MHI;
  3. Develop and implement a training plan to increase the capacity of DSPs and support coordinators who work with individuals with IDD/MHI in Utah;
  4. Improve coordination and cultural responsiveness of state agencies and other key stakeholders who provide services to individuals with IDD/MHI; and
  5. Develop a sustainability plan to ensure long-term project impact.

Project outcomes include:

  1. Increased access to evidence-based supports for individuals with IDD/MHI;
  2. Increased capacity of DSPs and support coordinators to meet the needs of individuals with IDD/MHI;
  3. Increased collaborative capacity within Utah’s DD and MH systems; and
  4. a long-term plan and resources to support the sustainability of project activities.

Expected products include a landscape analysis report, advisory board operating procedures, a training plan, evidence-based training curricula, webinars, fact sheets, evaluation reports, a sustainability plan, and a project website. All project activities and products will be reviewed to ensure adherence to principles of accessibility, inclusion, and positive portrayal of people with disabilities and individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

UTAH MHIDD Training Project
Awarded: 2021
10/1/2021 – 9/30/2026
Award Amount: $150,000.00
PI: UTAH State University