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Title: 2022 Virtual SNTI Poster Session Winner Presentation: NY START Region 4 – Implications of Psychiatric Diagnosis and Polypharmacy for Frequent START Crisis Line Utilization

Presenter: NYSTART Region 4: Noémie Kloucek, MA, Clinical Team Lead, and Katy Stratigos, M.D.​ Medical Director

Description: This presentation examines the implications of psychiatric diagnosis and polypharmacy for frequent START crisis line utilization for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) receiving START services in NYSTART (Region 4). Presenters will review past research showing that individuals with IDD who used the START crisis line frequently all had multiple biomedical concerns and polypharmacy. This presentation will identify two important medical conditions, insomnia and constipation, that are known to be sources of crisis for individuals with IDD. It will outline possible testing and treatments available. This presentation highlights the importance of implementing the biopsychosocial model which is a framework of the START model.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the impact biomedical concerns and polypharmacy have on the presentation and frequency of crisis
  • Identify common medical conditions that lead to crisis
  • An in-depth review of how sleep and GI issues are presented in individuals with IDD
  • Participants will learn about available testing and treatments for constipation and insomnia in individuals with IDD
  • Describe study designs, methods, findings and practice implications

The START National Online Training Series is designed to build capacity of IDD-MH professionals by providing innovative, evidence-based online training. This training series is a benefit for all national START Programs and their community partners. 

Disclaimer: Speakers and presenters participating in sessions are encouraged to express their findings, experiences, and conclusions on specific topics. They are selected for their areas of expertise and personal and professional knowledge. Therefore, points of view or opinions of our speakers and presenters do not officially represent the National Center for START Services, the Institute on Disability, or the University of New Hampshire.

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