March NOTS Live Q&A

Online Only

Title: Gender Diversity: Infinite Possibilities 

Presenters: Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network members

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain important terminology related to gender identity 
  2. Describe how gender diversity impacts individuals who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities
  3. Identify the impact of different supports in persons with lived experiences 
  4. List resources available for continued learning and support 

The START National Online Training Series is designed to build capacity of IDD-MH professionals by providing innovative, evidence-based online training. This training series is a benefit for all national START Programs and their community partners.

Disclaimer: Speakers and presenters participating in sessions are encouraged to express their findings, experiences, and conclusions on specific topics. They are selected for their areas of expertise and personal and professional knowledge. Therefore, points of view or opinions of our speakers and presenters do not officially represent the National Center for START Services, the Institute on Disability, or the University of New Hampshire.

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