January NOTS Live Q&A

Online Only

Title: Beat It: Promoting Evidence-Based Interventions for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health Needs

Presenters: Andrew Jahoda, PhD, and Andrea Caoili, LCSW

Description: This training will explore current research on the prevalence of depression in individuals who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This will be followed by a review of evidence-based intervention called Beat It and explore the research which compared this approach to another called StepUp. Finally, the presenter will explore in detail the adaptations that were made to the Beat It approach to meet the needs of individuals who experience IDD.

Learning Objectives:

  • Have a foundational knowledge of behavioural activation for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Understand the research regarding adapted behavioural activation for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Explore the nature of the adaptations and considerations for the delivery of BeatIt for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Review next steps regarding research and intervention

The START National Online Training Series is designed to build capacity of IDD-MH professionals by providing innovative, evidence-based online training. This training series is a benefit for all national START Programs and their community partners.

Disclaimer: Speakers and presenters participating in sessions are encouraged to express their findings, experiences, and conclusions on specific topics. They are selected for their areas of expertise and personal and professional knowledge. Therefore, points of view or opinions of our speakers and presenters do not officially represent the National Center for START Services, the Institute on Disability, or the University of New Hampshire.

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