START Research Committee

Our mission is to advance research efforts that seek to improve the lives of individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and behavioral health needs and their families.


Next Submission Deadline

The Research Committee will evaluate applications for research semi-annually. The next submission deadline is: 

  • TBD

Project leaders will be notified within 45 days of submission.

What we provide

Research Development
Assist in the development and design of new research projects.

Technical Assistance
Help programs utilize their data from SIRS to support their projects.  

Link programs with experts affiliated with the START network to review, consult and assist with publication efforts.

Provide small grants up to $5,000 to enable the collection and analysis of additional data
outside the scope of normal operations.

Next Committee Meeting

Any program interested in submitting a research proposal should attend a Research Committe meeting to discuss ideas and get feedback. The next  session (held remotely via zoom) is:

  • TBD


Our goals

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Inspire and support START network members to conduct and consume research that addresses the needs of the population we serve.

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Provide consultation services and discretionary funding to help START programs develop and launch independent research projects.

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Connect parties within and across the START network and its affiliates who share similar research interests.


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Disseminate research related to START and individuals with IDD and behavioral health needs and provide regular updates on all research initiatives.


Call for Research Proposals

The Research Committee is currently seeking proposals for projects that:

  • Seek to understand the role of START in promoting optimal outcomes for the population we serve
  • Evaluate START’s impact on a community’s ability to improve capacity
  • Expand the knowledge base regarding the challenges that individuals with IDD and behavioral health needs face and the solutions to overcome them

All START programs, along with current and potential partners, are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to projects that utilize SIRS data and show potential for publication. Research proposal submission details below.

Submit a Project Narrative

Download a Project Submission Application

Successful proposals should address how the project will support priorities of the START Research Committee. The narrative should be limited to five pages total, not including references, and include the following sections:

  1. Specific aims 

  2. Background, Significance, and Innovation of the project

  3. How the project relates to START’s mission and values/how it enhances the START model 

  4. Research strategy (i.e. methodology, subjects, instrumentation, data analysis, etc.).  Include use of SIRS data

  5. Dissemination plan (how the research will be shared).  Examples include a poster, paper, grant proposal, training materials, etc.

  6. Project timeline

  7. Personnel (roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in project)

  8. References


Funding awards will be typically be limited to $5,000 per project; however, additional funds may be requested in some circumstances.  Funds can be used for:

  • General expenses of research, such as supplies and materials which are essential to the project.

  • Essential travel related to the project

  • Stipends to outside personnel for specialized work related to the project

Funds cannot be used to supplement or support existing program work.