South Korea's Social Worker Overseas Training Program Visits the Center for START Services


On October 3rd, a group of eight social workers from South Korea met with Beth Grosso and Bob Scholz from the Center for START Services at our office in Concord, NH to learn about the START Program. The group is part of a large initiative "Social Worker Overseas Training Project" which was developed 17 years ago to enhance quality of services in Korea through participation in overseas training.

members of South Korea social work program pose with banner that reads seeking a way to apply independent living support system provided to people with idd in New Hampshire to Korea

About the Social Workers Overseas Training Project

The Korea Association of Social Workers (KASW)'s Overseas Training for Social Workers Project started in 2001 with sponsorships from Samsung and the Community Chest of Korea (CCK) AND celebrated its 17th Anniversary in 2017. 

This Project was designed to enhance the quality of social work services in Korea, by strengthening the capacity of social work professionals through participation in overseas training programs. They pursue the following objectives to achieve these goals to promote social work professionalism and global capacity, to introduce new skills and methods from abroad and disseminate them to the Korean social work society, and to prevent potential burn-out of social workers. 

Every year since 2001, KASW has involved  at least 50 to 80 social workers in this project who are currently working in government and public sectors, private and non-profit social work agencies, and related organizations. By now almost 1,300 social workers have had an opportunity to go abroad and learn new social work skills and methods. This unique opportunity has also given participants valuable time to refresh themselves and gain new energy, which helps to promote wellness and prevent potential burn-out from work. 

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