Recognizing Juneteenth



Today we are observing Juneteenth, the day in 1865 that enslaved African Americans in Texas learned of their emancipation from slavery. This was followed 6 months later by the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution on December 6th, 1865 that abolished slavery entirely in the US and territories.

While we celebrate this day, we must acknowledge that the oppression of African Americans continues. The recent murder of George Floyd is one in a long line of racially motivated killings and violence against African Americans.

The Center for START Services denounces police brutality, white supremacy, racism and the structural barriers that continue to exist in our country. The intersection between disability, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and religious identities reminds us that as human beings and citizens we are all in this fight together.

We must listen and learn, while intervening actively against acts of oppression.

As an organization rooted in social justice, we renew our commitment to break down barriers, and fight racism and the structural barriers that allow it to continue.

Black Lives Matter!