Program Description

OK Mental Health Aspects of IDD Course for Support Specialists - This year long training is designed to enhance knowledge of working with individuals with MH/IDD through training and listening sessions discussing various evidence based interventions, assessments, and strategies to increase Oklahoma’s capacity to serve children and youth with MH/IDD.

Contact Information

Darla Hill Myers
Program Supervisor, Education Services and Developmental Disabilities Program
Oklahoma Department of Human Services


September 18, 2020 - Twenty-five professionals from various roles within the Oklahoma child welfare system have joined together to engage in a 26-session, year-long virtual training program that totals over 69 contact hours of training on the mental health aspects of IDD. The group had their first session on September 2nd. The course is facilitated by Dr. Karen Weigle, CSS Associate Director and Beth Grosso, CSS Training Coordinator. As part of their year-long participation, training group members will be paired into learning partners that will work together closely to develop a 20-minute presentation/project to present at the end of the year. Each participant will leave the course with an improved knowledge and understanding of MH/IDD-specific topics and will be equipped with multiple sets of materials for engaging with their communities and thus building cross-systems capacity.
CSS is thrilled to host such a committed, innovative, and multidisciplinary group and look forward to working together to build capacity and strengthen the Oklahoma child welfare system for children with IDD-MH and their families. Welcome!