Information for Host Sites

This page outlines the responsibilities and requirements of all National Online Training Series host sites.

About this Training Series

The START National Online Training Series (NOTS) is a monthly training series produced by the Center for START Services and aired annually from September through April. All topics are directly related to intellectual/developmental disability (IDD) and behavioral health.

Access to these trainings is facilitated by statewide and regional START programs. Programs have been implemented in the following states, please connect directly with the program closest to you to learn more about hosting or attending these trainings:  Colorado (Grand Junction), Iowa (statewide), New York (statewide), New Hampshire (statewide), North Carolina (statewide), El Paso and Tarrant County Texas (regional)


  • Trainings are pre-recorded and typically released on the 3rd Friday of each month from September through April

  • Training videos are hosted online at and are approximately 1 hour long

  • A link to the training video is emailed to each invited host site by 10:00 am on the morning of each release date

  • Technical support is provided by the Center for START Services from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm on the day of each release date

Host Site Equipment Requirements

In order to provide a professional, high quality training experience, host sites are need the following equipment:

icons depicting host site requirements

A computer wired to high-speed internet

In addition to connecting to the internet directly through a router, we highly advise all host sites to take additional steps to ensure high quality video

View the Steps to Improve Video Quality

An LCD projector and screen

Test your computer's connection to the LCD projector at least a day before the scheduled training

Quality audio capabilities

Most host sites will need to use an external speaker/set. Test your speakers to make sure sound can be heard from the farthest place in the room where someone may be sitting. Adjust speaker volume and computer volume to prevent distortion.

Test This Video!

Prior to the scheduled release date, click on the link below to test your audio and internet connection. Make sure you test this video on the computer and network that you plan to view the training on. This would also be a great opportunity to test your LCD projector and audio equipment!
Password: Start1

If you can see and hear the video above clearly, without any playback or audio issues, you should be ready to view the training series videos!

If you experience any problems seeing OR hearing the video below, please read "How to Improve Video Quality"

Host Site Responsibilities



Before Training

  • TEST Vimeo Video on the computer and network you plan to use, in the room where you are hosting. You also need to test your other AV equipment.

  • Print Handouts: Each host will receive an email the day before each training with handout attachments. Check your junk folder... emails with attached are sometimes flagged as "spam". 

  • Print Training Review Guide: This guide was also attached to the email referenced above. The Review Guide includes helpful instructions for post-training discussion topics, critical ideas, standard questions, and multiple choice questions.

  • Print Attendance Sheet: If you plan to have more than 15 people, you may want more than one sheet.

Optional Certificates of Attendance: If you would like, you can print out certificates of attendance for attendees who are not seeking continuing education credits. (Attendees who are seeking continuing education credit must register by taking the survey for the presentation.)

Day of Training

  • Hosts will receive an email from our support staff by 10:00 am eastern time on the morning of each training with a link to the video.
  • Take Attendance: Please ask all those in attendance to provide their name and email address on the printed Attendance Sheet. The best ways to ensure all attendee names are recorded is to pass around the attendance sheet or put the attendance sheet prominently on a table where attendees enter the training room.
  • Pass out Handouts
  • Share URL for Surveys
  • Please note that we have discontinued the use of paper surveys. Here’s how you can direct attendees to the training evaluation survey:
    •  You can suggest that they use their phone to scan the QR code in the upper right corner of the attendance sheet to be brought to the survey
    • You may email the evaluation link directly to them
    • You can direct them to our website and ask them to go to the Training tab for the 2019-2020 START National Online Training Series

After Training

  • Conduct a Group Discussion with all attendees using the Training Review Guide provided by our support staff. 
  • Send all Evaluations and Attendance Sheet to Shannon Wedge. You can PDF Scan and email to to Shannon Wedge at or fax to (603)228-3270
  • Optional: if you prefer, rather than sending your attendees to the START site to locate the survey, you can e-mail the survey link to folks who signed the attendance sheet (the survey link you can share is found here and updated monthly)