Hawaii's START Professional Learning Community (PLC) Concludes


Hawaii START PLC training


Dr. Karen Weigle presents in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 30, 2017

On June 30, 2017, Hawaii's START Professional Learning Community (PLC) concluded after a two day in-person training in Honolulu with Dr. Karen Weigle, Associate Director of the Center for START Services. The PLC, comprised of 50 youth-serving professionals from a variety of agencies provided a forum for sharing knowledge, building expertise and developing sustainable, cross-systems partnerships. This statewide, multi-disciplinary PLC was developed in partnership between the Center for START Services and Project Laulima, a SAMHSA-funded, system of care grant focused on better serving children and youth in Hawaii with co-occurring IDD and mental health challenges.


"Overall, PLC members are very satisfied with their participation and value the opportunity for professional development.  Many PLC members have incorporated new tools into their practice and have shared resources with others to better serve children and youth with co-occurring MH/IDD. In addition, PLC members appreciate the opportunity to learn alongside and collaborate with professionals across the State and across multiple disciplines. As for next steps, Hawaii PLC members are exploring sustainability options, members recognize the positive impact of the learning community and support efforts to continue this forum." -Nicole Bell, Project Laulima


The training content was children-focused and delivered by the Center for START Services both in-person and remotely over the course of 10 months. During the final two-day visit, Dr. Karen Weigle, Associate Director of the Center for START Services, presented training topics focused on Common Diagnoses in Childhood and Designing Interventions for Children. Additionally, as part of the graduation requirements, a few members of the Hawaii PLC (photo) also presented. Training topics included; The Importance of Teaching Sexuality & Relationships to Individuals with IDD; Health, Wellness and Medical Conditions Commonly Associated with IDD; Communication & Collaboration; Rainbow Feelings; Dual Diagnosis; Mindfulness; Kamalama Parenting; The Blue Menu; and Team Collaboration.  

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