WITH Foundation Grant Awarded to the Center for START Services



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The WITH Foundation awards $320,000 to promote comprehensive and accessible healthcare

The Center for START Services is one of five organizations nationwide who were awarded a one-year grant from the WITH Foundation beginning in October 2019, aimed at promoting comprehensive accessible healthcare for adults with disabilities. CSS has been awarded funding to develop and test the effectiveness of holistic, best practice guidelines for prescribers of adults with MH/IDD.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health needs (MH/IDD) experience gaps in effective healthcare services more often than the general population. Using holistic, interdisciplinary, integrated care approaches, the Best Practice Prescribing Guidelines in MH/IDD will address several issues that lead to mental healthcare disparities, including overuse of polypharmacy that undermines primary health. Recognizing the role of service recipients and family members, positive practices, and cultural and linguistic competency are integral in the planning and implementation of these guidelines.

Well-formulated best practice guidelines for prescribers will enhance expertise and capacity in the system of support for individuals with MH/IDD. The WITH Foundation grant will offer the opportunity to develop and test these guidelines. CSS and its network partners will continue to use this important tool to improve capacity across the country, reviewing and revising regularly. This project compliments the WITH Foundation’s funding guidelines and mission by working to establish and foster linkages between various sectors of the healthcare system and to improve physical and mental health outcomes for individuals with IDD and mental health needs.

About the WITH Foundation (https://withfoundation.org/)
The WITH Foundation (formerly known as the Special Hope Foundation) is a private foundation, established in 2002. The Foundation’s initial grantmaking benefited the disability community. In 2011, the Foundation began to focus its support on organizations and projects that promote the establishment of comprehensive and accessible health care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently, the Foundation awards about $750,000 each year and has provided (in total) more than $7 million in funding support. Other organizations that have been awarded funding include: Alzheimer’s Association-Greater Michigan Chapter, University of Kansas Center for Research, Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities of DC and Maryland, and Wiki Education.

Learn more at: https://withfoundation.org/with-foundation-awards-320000-to-promote-comprehensive-and-accessible-healthcare/