El Paso Becomes Certified START Clinical Team



"The El Paso START team achieved Clinical Program Certification last week on 2/23/17, just three years after the team’s formation. The team is funded through 1115 waiver and has quickly become well-established in their local community. EP START has had many changes since its inception but has always embodied the values of START in everything they do. We congratulate them on their successful and speedy certification and are very proud of all their achievements!" - Karen Weigle, Associate Director of the Center for START Services


"If the El Paso START team as a whole took the Via Survey, I think their top three Strengths would be Perseverance, Teamwork, and Love of Learning. As the Project Manager, I watched how hard they worked and how the dedication of each member of the team to be a part of a greater whole was responsible for the group's success.  I am thrilled at far they have come but the real excitement, for me, is in how far they will go. With plans to incorporate MFP and respite bed programs into a START-informed larger service, the large cross-cultural population, and the way their county accepts primary intervention through trainings, CETs, and linkages offer limitless opportunities and experiences for El Paso and for the National team. ​ I want to thank every individual who was a member of El Paso START in the last 3 years and all who helped to support it. I am so proud."

- Dave O’Neal, Project Manager for the El Paso, Center for START Services

El Paso START Team

From left to right (back row): Karen Weigle, Claudia Escajeda, Erica Thomas, Angie Garcia, David Puentes, Yvette Marquez, David O’Neal; From left to right (front row): Laurette Baylon, Kristal Garcia, Elyana Martinez