Dr. Joan Beasley presents in the UK at the 2018 Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress



Dr. Beasley standing at a podium with a slide projected to her right reading "begin with positive thinking"Dr. Joan Beasley was invited to speak about START on a community inclusion panel at the 2018 Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress which took place in Birmingham, England this week. During the panel, which focused on the importance of inclusion and empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities, Dr. Beasley spoke about how START fosters inclusion and promotes the use of strengths based approaches to improve mental health outcomes and well being for individuals with IDD. 

Also on the panel were self-advocates who started an initiative to stop the overuse of psychiatric medications for people with IDD and autism, called STOMP for short. The aims of STOMP are to encourage people to have regular check-ups about the medicines they are prescribed, make sure doctors and other health professionals involve people and their families in medication decisions, and inform everyone about non-drug therapies and practical ways of supporting people so they are less likely to need as much, or any medicine.


"We were very inspired by our co-presenters and leaders in self-advocacy in the UK. They are modeling the way for us all." 

-Dr. Beasley