Technology Details




Zoom Webinar

Webinar platform that appears nearly identical to typical Zoom meetings to the user.

Webinar has limited user controls:

  • You will remain with camera & microphone off
  • You will utilize chat or Q&A feature to communicate with event staff & presenters (when indicated)

Used for Plenary Sessions

You must be registered in order to receive the link

No additional software downloads are necessary in order to use Zoom Webinar.

Zoom Meeting

Used for breakout sessions & virtual reception

You will be emailed a SNTI schedule with unique Zoom links for each session.

Pre-registration for breakout sessions is not required. You simply choose to join the session of your choice.


Padlet is an online bulletin board that allows team members to collaborate online by posting text, images, links, documents, videos and voice recordings. You can post and comment anonymously or under a free account.


We will be utilizing Padlet for a group activity that will run the duration of the 2022 SNTI.

Attendees will be asked to upload images that represent happiness, using the 24 Character Strengths as hashtags.

See a demo here

You can install the Padlet app for Apple or for Android on your phone or just go to the Padlet website to create a free account.

Click on the link to open the Padlet board.

To create a post, either:

  • double click anywhere on the board
  • drag files in
  • paste from clipboard
  • or just click the ‘+’ button in the lower right corner.

Click publish!