2019-2020 START National Online Training Series

September 20
Grief & Bereavement in Individuals with IDD
Katy Stratigos, MD, NY START Region 4 Triborough Medical Director

October 18
START Research: 2019 START National Training Institute Poster Session Winners
NY START Region 4 Triborough: Caroline Schau, Emily Weinrebe, Katy Stratigos; NY START Region 4 Richmond Kings: Sharon Cyrus-Savary, Corey Fisk, Alexa Eugene; NH START: Val Tetreault, Samantha Field, Justin Smith, Sara Greenstein

November 15
Guidelines for Psychotropic Medication Treatment & Polypharmacy: Why Don’t We Practice What We Preach?
Lauren Charlot, PhD, Developmental Psychologist

January 17
Supporting Purpose and Meaning in the Lives of Individuals with MH/IDD
Michael Smull, The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices and Support Development Associates.
Discussants: Dr. Jill Hinton, Center for START Services Clinical Director, and Dr. Dan Tomasulo, Core Faculty, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Columbia University Teachers College

February 21
Topic: PERMA: The Family Perspective with an introduction by Alyce Benson, LCSW, CSS Project Facilitator

March 20
Trauma’s Impact on Cognitive & Emotional Development in Individuals with IDD
Stefanie Griffin, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist, NH START & CSS expert consultant, and Sherm Fox, MD, Psychopharmacologist, NH START & CSS Consulting Psychiatrist

April 17
Exploring the Overlap of Autism, Sexuality, & Gender-Identity Difference
Dan Shapiro, MD, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Consultant